Masayuki Nakagawa Award 2023


Stimulate scientific research in the area of cost management.

The Professor Masayuki Nakagawa Award is granted by the Brazilian Association of Custody (ABC) and its organization belongs to the organizing committee of the Brazilian Congress of Costs (CBC) formed by the board of ABC and by the entity that receives the edition.

The Professor Masayuki Nakagawa Prize will be awarded to the best scientific papers approved and presented at the Brazilian Congress of Costs annualy, and the International Congress of Costs in 2023.

Prizes will be awarded to the three best scientific works in each category, oral and poster, approved and presented during the versions of the Brazilian Congress on Costs and the International Congress on Costs in 2023.

5.1 Only works approved and presented at the CBC in each version of the event, and CIC in 2023, will compete for the Prize. Works not presented will be automatically excluded from the competition.

5.2 Articles whose authors or co-authors are members of the organizing committee of CBC/CIC or of the board of directors of ABC/IIC are excluded from the competition.

5.3 The evaluation of the works will take place in two stages: first, there will be an evaluation (elimination and classification) of the written work and, in the second stage, there will be an evaluation (elimination and classification) of the presentation.

5.3.1 In the 1st stage, the 5 (five) best-evaluated works approved in each category, according to the evaluation criteria of the articles of the Congress, will be nominated for the Award. The authors of works nominated for the Prize will receive, in the e-mail registered at the time of submission, notice of the nomination, up to 15 days after the publication of the results of the scientific works.
5.3.2 In the 2nd stage, the 5 (five) works classified in the 1st stage will be evaluated by 2 (two) members of the judging committee, defined by the scientific committee, during its presentation at the Congress, according to the criteria specified in item 6.

6.1 The evaluation criteria for the 1st stage will coincide with the evaluation criteria for the approval of scientific papers.

6.2 In the 1st stage, if two or more works obtain the same classification score, the scientific committee will be in charge to define the tiebreaker.

6.3 The evaluation criteria for the 2nd stage for oral presentation will be:
– Didactic (up to 1.5 points)
– Contextualization to the content (up to 2 points);
– Summary and use of the allotted time (up to 0.5 point);
– Didactic material (up to 1 point).

6.4 The evaluation criteria for the 2nd stage for poster presentation will be:
– Use of the format model indicated by the Congress coordination;
– Content layout (poster content is arranged in a logical sequence, with relevant graphs, tables, and figures) and visual/aesthetic quality of the poster (letter formatting, poster alignment, and colors used appropriately, as well as general poster overview).
– Rapporteur’s performance during the evaluation.

6.5 In the 2nd stage, works will receive up to 5 (five) points, according to items 6.3 and 6.4.

6.6 The final score will be the sum of the scores from the 1st and 2nd stages.

6.7 In case of a tie in the 2nd stage, the work that obtains the highest score in the 1st stage will win and, in case of a new tie, the commission will define the winner.

7.1 The result of the Prize will be announced at the closing ceremony of the CBC/CIC.

7.2 The best works presented during the event will receive an honorable mention trophy, as follows:
– Oral Format: Awarded to the three best CBC/CIC works presented in oral format;
– Poster Format: Awarded to the three best CBC/CIC works presented in poster format.

7.3 The authors of each work will receive a certificate.

At any time, this Public Notice may be revoked or annulled, in whole or in part, either by unilateral decision of the responsible commission, or by legal requirement, without this implying the right to indemnity or claim of any nature.