XVIII International Costs Congress

XXX Brazilian Costs Congress

15th – 17th November, 2023


The International Costs Congress and the Brazilian Costs Congress are the main events related to the area of business costs. In addition, they are the main disseminators of the technical-scientific production of the specialty and related areas, accomplishing the aim to provide interaction between the academic community, researchers, professors and students, with entrepreneurs, consultants, accountants, administrators, engineers and other professionals who work in the area of Costs.

The XVIII International Congress on Costs and XXX Brazilian Congress on Costs have as main objectives:

  • Debate the great challenge in the cost area: incorporate the necessary information to reconcile economic growth and social well-being in the generated reports, both in the public and private spheres;
  • Discuss the importance of cost management in inter-company relations;
  • Intensify the development in the area of cost management in Brazil by emphasizing aspects related to technological innovation; in this way, expanding the exchange of information and ideas between students, professors, researchers, professionals, companies and institutions;
  • Establish a link between academic studies and organizations applications, allowing participants to know more deeply the cost methodologies used, meanwhile they have a sample of what universities have been produced in the area;
  • Demonstrate the difficulties encountered for implementing cost management with a focus on social, environmental and corporate responsibility;
  • Debate relevant topics in the area, addressing aspects related to teaching, research, extension, professional practice and institutional issues;
  • Disseminate the area technical-scientific production, thus contributing to its dissemination and advancement;
  • Continue the sequence of meetings started in 1994, strengthening the integration between companies and teaching and research institutions.