Presentation Norms


The approved academic works to be presented at the XVIII International Congress on Costs and XXX Brazilian Congress on Costs will be classified in the forms of oral presentation and poster. Approved works whose authors have registered (with payment) by 30th Sep/2023 will appear in the Congress Annals, regardless of the form of presentation (there will be no reference to the form of presentation in the Congress Annals).

Presentations of business cases (thematic area 10) will be included in a specific environment.

Below are the formatting guidelines for the presentation of approved articles in oral and poster format.



Oral presentations in technical sessions (according to the schedule on the Congress website) will last 20 minutes, with 15 minutes for exposition and 5 minutes for debates. The debates are to take place as soon after the 15min-technical session. For this type of presentation, a computer and projector will be available.

The presentation should follow the template provided here.

Details to be noted at the time of submission:

  • The presentation must be made in a maximum of 15 minutes;
  • Preferably, use “Power Point Presentation”, which should be carried on two different USB sticks, as security;
  • Considering the time of the presentation, it is suggested that the number of slides in the Power Point Presentation does not exceed 15 (fifteen);
  • To ensure good visibility, the font size should be equal to or greater than 24;
  • Carefully choose the specific points you plan to expose to the audience; do not do a simple reading of your written work. Expose only the highlights; do not get lost in details, the details are in the written work.
  • At the beginning of the presentation, remember to greet the audience and introduce yourself.
  • During the presentation, speak loudly so that everyone can hear you clearly, take care of your posture and try to look at the audience.



The poster-type presentation will be held in poster sessions, according to the event schedule. Authors must submit, in portrait format 1080 (W) x 1920 (H) pixels, in digital (PDF), the presentation of papers by 31st Oct/2023, exclusively by email, to:

The poster must follow the template provided here.

Details to be noted at the time of submission:

  • Carefully choose the specific points you plan to highlight from your work; highlight some points; use colours to help with presentation;
  • The organizers will provide flat screens for the presentation, and the presenters will provide the digital PDF file.